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Village Law

To promote efficiency in the implementation of the Village Law, especially as it relates to participation, transparency and accountability, through public data analysis, public policy analysis, and direct observation of practices at different levels of government.


    Sentinel Villages Study

    Status: ongoing

    Longitudinal study to monitor village governance in 5 selected districts since the implementation of Village Law in 2015. Two rounds of surveys conducted in 112 villages complemented with qualitative studies in 10 villages. A field observer stays in each district to provide real-time updates of challenges in implementing the Village Law at district and village levels.

    Village Data

    Status: ongoing

    Promote utilization of village level data in decision-making and village development processes through:

    1. strengthening of PODES instrument, and
    2. pilot project to improve data collection, verification and update at village level as well as to increase utilization of data in village development planning.