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Sentinel Villages Study

Longitudinal study to monitor village governance in 5 selected districts since the implementation of Village Law in 2015. Two rounds of surveys conducted in 112 villages complemented with qualitative studies in 10 villages. A field observer stays in each district to provide real-time updates of challenges in implementing the Village Law at district and village levels.


Feature Stories

    Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

    Half-hearted Delegation of Authority from District to Subdistrict in Merangin

    Merangin. Merangin District Government has issued District Head Regulation (Perbup) No. 18/2016 on Delegation of Parts of Authority of District Head to Subdistrict Head, which replaces District Head Regulation No. 29/2012, to include evaluation of Village…

    Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

    Transformation of Deling Credit Body (BKD) into BUMDes

    That Tuesday evening, November 8 2016, 22 people gathered at the Deling Village assembly hall, at Banyumas District, Central Java, for a deliberative meeting (musyawarah) at village level to discuss the handover of the Village Credit Body (Badan Kredit Desa, BKD) assets. The…

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