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Innovation from Villagers for Village Development

Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018 Author: Fibria Heliani Co-author: Lingga Suyud Muhammad Ikhwan Maulana

Bursa Inovasi Desa in Halmahera Utara

To accelerate village development and the efficient and more innovative use of village funds, the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration promoted Gerakan Inovasi Desa at the Bursa Inovasi Desa (BID) in North Halmahera District at the end of 2017 as part of the soft launch of Program Inovasi Desa or Village Innovation Program (VIP).

BID is an integral part of village innovation and knowledge management of the VIP that provides a learning environment for villages to exchange innovative ways and creative solutions in infrastructure, human capital and basic service delivery, as well as entrepreneurship and local economic development sectors. Villages are inspired and encouraged from this knowledge exchange to replicate or adopt innovations, document them, introduce technical expertise available and make new innovative solutions.  Throughout 2017, Bursa Inovasi Desa is held in district level and in 2018, it would be held in sub-district level.

Program Inovasi Desa is implemented in 33 provinces, 434 district/municipality and based in 6,453 sub-district in Indonesia.

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