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Clean Water for All

Monday, May 29, 2017 Author: Fibria Heliani Co-author: Wulan Dewi Irfan Kortschak

Clean Water for All
(Photo: Fauzan Ijazah)


In 2015 and 2016, in the village of Rempek, North Lombok, to ensure the availability of clean water for the community’s daily activities, the village government allocated village funds to maintain and replace water pipes managed by the Village Municipal Water Corporation. The pipes had been installed in the late 1980s to provide coverage to 16 hamlets in a mountainous area covering a total of 38,000 km2. Before the installation of the pipes, community members had to walk up to 1.5 km from their homes to the nearest reservoir to collect water.

Water is now available to community members in their own houses. The village government helps the residents manage water usage by installing a meter faucet in each house. Residents are charged a flat fee of Rp 800–1,000 per m3, which is waived for public facilities such as mosques or schools. The village government also provides water to households free of charge in special circumstances, such as when a household is conducting a wedding ceremony or funeral.

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