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Study on the Implementation of Law No. 6/2014 on Villages

Tags   Village Law Implementation

Prior to the enactment of Law No.6 Year 2014 on Village (Village Law), policy on village was considered to not give so much change to villages, especially on village governance. Therefore, the birth of Village Law gives a new hope for the progress of village as the law places village as the subject which is capable of organizing and managing itself. 

This is a baseline study which becomes part of the three-year longitudinal study. This study monitors how the village government applies good governance principles (transparency, participation and accountability) in the early years of Village Law implementation. The baseline findings reported in this document is gathered through qualitative approach by obtaining information through focus group discussion, in-depth interview, direct observation, transect, and document collection. The study is conducted in ten villages in nine sub-districts in five districts in three provinces in Indonesia. 

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SMERU Research Institute (Lembaga Penelitian SMERU), Jakarta

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