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Mapping Indonesia's Civil Service

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This report mapping Indonesia's civil service using an original data set constructed from GoI data on all the country’s active civil servants to examine personal characteristics including age, gender, education level (which proxies for skill), and promotions. It addresses two important questions:

  1. Are highly skilled and knowledgeable workers currently being attracted, recruited, and promoted?
  2. Are civil servants from historically underrepresented groups, including women, being given equal opportunities for advancement and promotion?

The study recommends government action in three policy areas:

  1. Increase promotion opportunities for women and increase their overall representation in senior positions
  2. Distribute skilled civil servants more evenly throughout the country by improving the incentives for highly skilled service providers to rotate into poor and remote regions.
  3. Plan for the upcoming wave of retirements within the civil service by recruiting more women from top universities and hiring medical and teaching staff only from licensed and accredited institutions.

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