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Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) Achievement Brief 2017

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In 2017, the Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) focused on strengthening the GoI’s institutions and systems in three main areas:

  • Village Development: Strengthening village institutions, as participatory and inclusive platforms for rural development and poverty reduction, to help improve the effectiveness of US$ 7.3 billion in annual village funding;
  • Basic Service Delivery: Institutionalizing and scaling up demand-driven approaches to improve frontline and basic services that reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, particularly in poor and remote areas; and
  • Analytics: Producing and disseminating high-quality data and analytics, and strengthening the GoI’s existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to support more effective village development and local service delivery.

LSP supported the GoI in these areas through nine main projects and initiatives. This report is a summary of how Local Solutions to Poverty is improving the lives of poor and vulnerable Indonesians.

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