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Camera App a Catalyst for Teacher Performance Improvement in East Nusa Tenggara


KIAT Kamera is part of KIAT Guru Pilot to improve education service delivery in remote villages by empowering communities and tying payment of the remote area allowance with either teacher presence or teacher service quality.

Since April 2017, SDN Mboeng has carried out one of three KIAT Guru intervention model, where the remote area allowance of eligible teachers is paid based on their attendance in school, as verified by community representatives. The principal and teachers have to clock in before 7.30 a.m. and clock out after 12.30 p.m. using KIAT Kamera, an androidbased camera application. At the end of every month, the community representatives
check if teacher's absenteeism is excused, and evaluate teacher's service performance using community scorecards. This model worked wonders in reducing the rate of teacher's absenteeism and late attendance.


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Local Solutions to Poverty - World Bank Group and Yayasan BaKTI