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Higher Salaries and Allowances Attract Village Apparatus Candidates in Central Java

Monday, Nov 27, 2017 Author: Akhmad Fadli

image of Higher Salaries and Allowances Attract Village Apparatus Candidates  in Central Java
Candidates taking written test in the process to select village apparatus at Deling Village (Photo: Akhmad Fadli).

Banyumas. Safitri, a resident of Pasir Wetan Village, Banyumas District, said she had participated in village apparatus selections in five villages, including in Deling Village that just finished conducting its recruitment to fill the position of its head of governance affairs.

From July to September 2017, twelve participants, of whom seven were women, participated in the recruitment in Deling Village. Their education background was varied: six with a high school degree, one with a diploma, four with a bachelor’s and one with a master’s degree.

Safitri is the only participant from outside of the village. She admitted that her primary reason to apply for the job is the high salary and allowances coming with that position. “The position of village apparatus is now the same as the position of a civil servant—both positions have longer career paths. There is a future, compared to working for private companies,” said Safitri, having a bachelor’s degree herself.

Another participant, Siti, with a master’s degree in Management from the University of Jenderal Sudirman in Purwokerto, agreed with Safitri. She also admitted that besides wanting to implement her knowledge in the village, there is also a realistic reason, relating to her financial needs, that made her apply as a village apparatus candidate.

The Head of Peace and Order Unit Division at the subdistrict level, Sugeng Riyanto, mentioned that the community interest to be village apparatuses currently is high, with an average of more than ten people applying.

“Most likely it is because the living standards of village apparatuses are guaranteed, so that many are interested,” said Sugeng.

Based on the 2017 Village Budget in Deling, the allocation for the Head of Governance Affairs is pretty lucrative, with a fixed salary of Rp. 1.7 million, shares from the gains of renting village land (tanah bengkok) Rp. 500,000, job allowances, spouse allowances, children allowances, health allowances, and pension.

While respecting the open recruitment’s objectivity, there is a hope that a native will be selected, to encourage more involvement of the youngsters in village development. Deling Village Head, Sutikno, was also worried in the case that the selected candidate is from outside of the village, it would attract negative response, like what happened in a neighboring village. “As a native, I also hope that the new village apparatus is from Deling Village to empower local community,” he said.

Sutikno’s wish was granted. After going through a transparent selection process, Siti, 39 years old, was elected to be the Head of Governance Division in Deling, with a score of 127 points. She was inaugurated and officially filled the position on October 1, 2017.


Note: The names of villages and hamlets have been altered to maintain confidentiality.