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Using Evidence to Inform Local Development

LSP maintains a strong focus on local development solutions that are informed by evidence. Its package of analysis, operational support, and rigorous impact evaluation aims to support the policy framework, institutions, and systems that guide village development and frontline service delivery. LSP helps the government test participatory village development and service delivery approaches, assess the impact of these approaches using rigorous impact evaluation tools, and feed the results of this analysis back into long-term policy reforms and service delivery improvements.

LSP benefits from a combination of monitoring and evaluation activities and rigorous analytical studies carried out by its analytics team in close collaboration with the Government of Indonesia and other development partners. These studies inform and influence the operational design of LSP’s projects, as well as the government’s policy on community-based poverty reduction programs. 

As part of monitoring and evaluation activities and studies, LSP designed several unique surveys and national monitoring systems, including evaluations on program impact, the Female Headed Household Survey, the Aceh Reintegration & Livelihoods Survey, Rural Infrastructure Surveys, as well as the Local Level Institution Study.

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